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by -Laura Tanger
Saying Malibu locals are particular when shopping for groceries can be seen in our numerous trips to Vintage Grocers where we thankfully can avoid the dreaded drive to box stores and actually be greeted by name. It reminded me of a time in my childhood when our local grocer would always salute me and end so with an enormous santa hug. It was as though he was part of our family and in a way he was and always will be. Recently reminded by family that when my mother entered that same local grocery store and wanted a pound of bacon…and found the line was a bit long…the owner would said, “oh, no worries…go on home and we’ll add it to your bill next time”. Wow, it really took me back to a magical place in time where food was always a point of pleasure in our household and my mom loved to cook. She made most everything from scratch from homemade egg rolls to vichyssoise without adding anything artificial. I often craved a box of cereal like Freakies or even convinced my mom that Krispie treats would be okay… Today, I am constantly on the go…with culinary or festival events to attend and often traveling from city to county. Never taking as much time to cook as my mom did. When eating out, there is so much in the way of additives in food now that when I was asked by our readers to write content for…I couldn’t bring myself to address restaurants or grocery stores that didn’t understand the value of community or the importance of eating food prepared in a GMO free kitchen. Yet somehow gluten has found a way into my diet, even knowing the consequences. I know from my friends and neighbors, we all do our best to avoid gluten and yet find ourselves eating in the very establishments that often unknowingly include that menacing, manufactured weed in sauces and other accouterments. We can't always make the food we eat halo perfect. However, when dining in or out…I always like to think there is a grocer somewhere that will remember me and not just my wallet…and it seems we do indeed have that right here in Malibu… Do you have a favorite memory you’d like to share with the Editor of Tell us about it here:
Happy the Golden Jam
Happy the Golden Jam - Farm
Established in Malibu in 2017
Delicious orange marmalade made the sustainable way
Visit their web site to have a piece of sunshine mailed to you
Also available at Vintage Grocers & Whole Foods - Malibu
27400 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265
Magnificent views of the Pacific coastline complimented by waterfalls and tropical plants create a romantic Malibu atmosphere. Enjoy weekday lunch, weekend brunch or candlelit dinner with surrounding fire pits.
Cafe Habana
3939 Cross Creek Road
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 317-0300
Vitamin Barn
23823 Malibu Road, Suite 600
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 453-6776
Relax during your stay in Malibu...whether a private villa, nestled retreat in the adjacent mountains or oceanfront hotel...see incredible views from nearly every 26 mile stretch, making your stay unforgettable.
Saddle Peak Lodge
419 Cold Canyon Road
Calabasas, CA 91302
(818) 222-3888